lunes, 21 de octubre de 2013

GEOFF WHITE. Aeroc, Bianco (3), Jackstone. Espacio de arte contemporaneo el gallo, Salamanca, Spain

Geoff White

Real Name:
Geoff White

White is one
of the most upcoming American techno producers. If you think of clicks and cuts or the labtop sound, think also of Geoff White. With releases on established labels like Force Inc., Cytrax, Lo-Fi Stereo, Morris / Audio, Delay or Background, he made his way with his tricky electronic sound. He started his own label, Edit that embraces the concepts of reuse and redefinition. Components are generated, arranged and fine-tuned. They are stripped apart, processed and rearranged. Sophisticated editing techniques enable this process to continue without end. The resulting audio productions become remixes of themselves.

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