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E (GAUSS, PROZACK) RADIO 3 SIGLO XXI, Plaza de San Roman, Salamanca, 2000. Espacio de arte contemporaneo el gallo.

Juan Carlos Ordóñez, better known as Prozack, is an artist from Galicia (Spain) with a wide musical culture, who within a short time has gone on from being the most hopeful promise of Spanish techno to become one of the most brilliant projects of the present day.
Since he began his exclusive dedication to electronic music, in 1993, his curiosity, his love for music and his interest for technology have brought him to a constant investigation which is now beginning to fruit. During 1994, apart from doing his first live appearances, he writes the music for "O Espello", a short film by young director Manu D. Mayo, which received several international prizes to the best soundtrack. 
Prozack's favest place is the live act, as he has proved this too well in the best venues both in Spain and Portugal: after achieving a special mention of the jury at the contest held by Rock de Lux magazine in 1995, everybody was anxiously looking forward to his debut, especially after his acts at such festivals as Sónar, TechnoBAM and Spanish Techno Festival. This debut did finally arrive with his signing for Stereophonic Elefant Dance Recordings and the release of the powerful maxi-single "Electromotriz", which shows his bet for minimalist, impressive rhythms, and dark, hypnotic atmospheres. He had already remixed Silvania's song "Eva Sobre Eva" (from their 12" "Galax Trax"), and his present day comes with the forthcoming release of "Ideology", an ambitious work on CD and Double LP, which will surely place Prozack among the best snipers of the international techno scene. On this album, he relies on the same coordinates that such a well deserved celebrity have brought to his powerful live act: techno-trance, Detroit house, Chicago, obsesive repetition of sequences, percussion work... although he includes as well some other relaxing, atmospheric moments. 
On the other hand, his tireless creativity is showed in his side-projects: Discodé (along with Hd Substance) and Gauss, a minimalist project, of simple and geometric deep house, whose first reference is the Mini-CD/MLP "Estructuras Primarias". Musical influences on Gauss could range from contemporary composers as Steve Reich or Terry Riley, to avant-garde techno-house coming mainly from Germany (from labels like Ladomat, Chain Reaction, Studio 1...). 

The new Prozack album, "Tan Lejos", a softer approach to his concept of techno, full of details which will hypnotize the listener. Young director Juan Lesta made a wonderful black and white video of "Dualidad", one of the tracks in the album. This video has been nominated in several video festivals in Spain, like the notorious Vitoria Festival.

1999's new musical activities of Juan Carlos feature Radio, a new project with Mario and Cocó from Silvania, in which they perfectly blend their styles: the ethereal world of the Peruvian duo with the martial rhythms of Prozack. Their first CD was released in May 1999, followed by a twelve inch with remixes and extra tracks.

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