sábado, 20 de julio de 2013

"The Legend Of Wooley Swamp" DEL SWAMP. BOOGER …DEL PANTANO……AL RITMO DEL CHUPACABRA.............AYO.....................

Animales Del pantano, EN Carolina del Sur, los pantanos en la parte inferior del estado son perfectos para ellos. Los swampers B. son muy tímidos y sólo se mueven en la cubierta de la oscuridad. Los avistamientos son tan raros que la mayoría de la gente nunca ha visto uno y en realidad ellos consideran como un mito. En el 2003 un equipo de científicos encontró con una pequeña colonia de ellos en medio del Bosque Nacional Sumter. Lucius Clay, is filled with greed and cares only about the money he keeps buried in the area in which he lives, called Booger Woods. According to the song, Lucius Clay lives out in the Wooley Swamp and digs up his money just to run his fingers through it. The antagonists, the Crayton Boys, live in Carver's Creek- a neighboring wilderness just miles away from Wooley Swamp. These three brothers are described as being "white trash," "sneaky," and "belligerent." They soon grow jealous of the old man and plot to kill him, steal his money, and feed his corpse to the alligators. Late one night, they sneak up on Lucius, who has just dug up his "13 rusty mason jars" filled with money. The Cable brothers then attack Lucius, killing him, and dump his body in the swamp. Afterwards, they go back to the shack, pick up the money, and run. But after only taking a few steps, they discover that they are running in quick sand, and they panic, screaming, unable to get out. Shortly before they sink and die themselves, they can hear the old man "laughing in a voice as loud as thunder."The song later goes on to say that, although fifty years have passed since the Crayton brothers murdered Lucius Clay and sank to their own deaths in quick sand trying to steal his money, on full moon nights "you can hear three young men screaming" while "you can hear one old man laugh."

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