sábado, 23 de agosto de 2014


Escucho una seleccion de musica de cabo verde, vuelvo al blog despues de un tiempo.
Si quieres escuchar la seleccion de musicas pincha en el link:
Posibles finales: While visiting a strip club, the Alien takes over the body of a stripper named Brenda (Claudia Christian). As Brenda, the Alien is able to slip past the police cordon established to arrest Miller. Unable to access the Ferrari, she kills a man and takes his vehicle. Quickly identifying Brenda as the Alien's new host, Gallagher and Beck pursue her to a rooftop, where they mortally wound her in a gun battle. When Gallagher points a strangely-shaped device at Brenda, however, she leaps from the roof. As Masterson arrives from his house to take charge of the scene, the Alien transfers itself to his dog.

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