domingo, 15 de junio de 2014

First of the month

"Lessons" and "steps"

 "Littérature et la droit à la mort"

Ceases to be the ephemeral passing of nonexistence and becomes a concrete ball, a solid mass of existence; language, abandoning the sense, the meaning that is all it wanted to be, tries to become senseless [le langage, quittant ce sense qu'il voulait être uniquement, cherche à se faire insensé]. Everything physical takes precedence: rhythm, weight, mass, shape, and then the paper on which one writes, the trail of the ink, the book. Yes, happily language is a thing: it is a written thing, a bit of bark, a sliver of rock, a fragment of clay in which the reality of the earth continues to exist (PF316-17/WF327).

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